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Peter Bondanella

Peter Bondanella

Peter Bondanella passed away this past Sunday, May 28, 2017.  According to his wife, Julia, he fought hard for almost 18 months against pancreatic cancer.  I gave her our condolences and best
wishes.  We will miss him.  More information will be posted when available.
Charlie Ephland

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06/01/17 10:46 AM #3    

Stephen Howard Israel

Most people do not know that Peter was a giant in his field.  He was in fact a Renaissance Scholar, fluent in Italian who wrote many books on the Italian Renaissance that are widely heralded as definitive in his field.  My wife is a very interested in the Italian Renaissance and was amazed to discover that Peter is frequently quoted in her classes and that his works are textbooks.  Peter was also an expert in Italian cinema most notably the movies of Fellini.  I met Peter in the second grade at Brooks and went all the way through high school with him.  We were never close friends but I always admired him for being studious as compared to me in those days.  I think it amazing that GSH produced a world reknowned scholar like Peter.  He left a legacy most of us know little about.  I was glad to have the chance to catch up with him at our last reunion.

06/01/17 01:22 PM #4    

Donald L. Fogleman (Fogleman)

Pete was one of the good guys and he will be missed in the literary world as well as a friend.  Glad I had the opportunity to see him at the last reunion.

06/01/17 03:13 PM #5    

James Mills Freedman

Pete and I were great friends all throughout the years at GHS and for a time after. We were both pretty intense characters and our discussions could be tempestuous. The summer after high school we traveled to Europe together; the trip wasn’t always peaceful but it sure was interesting, Pete being intensely practical and me intensely impractical, a memorable journey. When we reached Italy, Pete had a complete transformation. He discovered the language of his roots, the art of the Renaissance, the political philosophy of Machiavelli and that was it…he would commit his life to Italian history and art and in fact as Steve Israel rightly says, he became one of the world’s best known Renaissance scholars (and translators) of Italian art, philosophy and film. His personal drive and work ethic made him deeply cantankerous and yet, I am told, much loved by his colleagues. I have a deep and lasting fond memory of Pete, as I am sure many of your do, quite the gift of a guy. A real star in our sky. 

06/01/17 04:59 PM #6    

Vera Louise Leonard (Schneider)

I was very sad to hear about Pete's death. He and I were friends in high school, played in the orchestra together, had laughs in biology.  We had some good times. I had not realized his incredible interest and success in Italian renaissance art and literature and film until another classmate mentioned it a decade ago. I looked him up on the internet at that time and learned a great deal more about his interest and success in Italian renaissance literature and film. At the last reunion I am so glad that I had the opportunity to talk with him about his work ...and his beloved dogs, named appropriately after famous Renaissance scholars, as I recall. 

06/01/17 06:03 PM #7    

Mary Kathleen (Kay) McCuiston (Simmons)

I was so saddened to see that Pete had passed away.. I remember him with such fond memories.. He was very smart and always kind to everyone with such a sweet smile.. I remember his Dad as Coach.  As I see him and others on the Memory List, it hurts to know that we have lost so many classmates. 

06/02/17 09:22 AM #8    

Raemon Polk

Pete was one of a kind. Yes, he was Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Italian, Comparative Literature, and Film Studies at Indiana University but despite his elevated academic status, he was also no respecter of pretension. He was my next door neighbor while at GHS. We walked to and from school together sharing many laughs. We both worked at the Greensboro Public Library part-time. I can recall our arguing with our poor English teacher at GHS in class, bringing her to tears. We were callous teeenagers. He and Julia invited us out to St. George where they retired but we never went. Too bad for us. Pete will be missed.

06/02/17 09:53 AM #9    

Cecile Adah Boren (Workman)

I was so sad I missed seeing Pete at our 50th, someone I really wanted to see. Everyone said he looked great and was so accomplished. Thanks, Jimmy for the background on your trip with him. I was always seated behind him in homeroom and he was fun to be around. At our one and only "date" I had my first pizza at IPD.

06/02/17 08:59 PM #10    

Barbara Lynne Jones (Poplin)

I remember that Peter was always so friendly. So sorry to hear about his passing.

06/04/17 09:27 AM #11    

Paul Stewart Gardiner

Did not know Peter that well at GHS, but believe he and I were in his Dad's business law class at GHS.  His Dad was a sketch and a great coach.  Talked at length with Pete at our 50th reunion, and thoroughly enjoyed hearing about his life, exploits, and so forth.  His passing and the passing of all classmates is a reminder that this earthly life is indeed short, and we have so much to be thankful for.  Due to a major scheduling problem, regret that I will not be able to attend our 55th reunion where I am sure many memories will be shared about Peter and other classmates who have passed on.  Hope all have a great time and God bless to all.  PG       

06/05/17 09:53 PM #12    

Elizabeth (Libby) Ellen McComb (Reynolds)

I was saddened to learn of Peter's struggle with cancer and of his death. The Peter I knew in high school was such a fine guy. His impressive career accomplishments speak for themselves, and what strikes me as particularly noteworthy is that he found his passion and pursued it to the highest levels. It was obvious in high school that Peter had a fine mind, but he underplayed it. What I remember most about Peter is how kind he was when he agreed to excort me to Homecoming. I had been dating the same guy for years but needed someone from GHS to accompany me that night. Peter was so gracious about the whole thing and made it a fun experience. I feel fortunate to have known Peter. He will be missed by those of us whose paths he crossed. Libby


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